Sonia Randhawa

Sonia Randhawa


I’ve been practicing yoga for fun on and off from a young age, I formally started practicing Bikram Yoga at Funky Door Yoga when I moved to the Bay Area in 2012. I believe to live a healthy and balanced life it is important to take care of both our mind and body, Yoga has provided me with that balance. Yoga has enhanced my ability to be mindful and present, while increasing flexibility and strength. 

When I moved to Sacramento in 2017 I tried out a handful of different studios and gyms before finding DOMA studio and have been practicing at DOMA ever since. I decided to complete my Vinyasa teacher training through DOMA studio in 2020. As a practicing licensed clinical psychologist with a specialty in trauma work, my goal one day is to incorporate trauma informed yoga into my private practice. 

I am honored to teach Vinyasa Yoga and I am excited to spread the joy, endless possibilities for healing, and personal transformation that yoga can provide!