Lauren Carpio Rice

Lauren Carpio Rice


Lauren first discovered yoga through a fitness elective course at Sac State. She spent the following years searching for a studio she could call home before finally taking a class with Kata at DOMA Studio in 2019. Yoga became her outlet not just for physical strength but also mental clarity. Lauren jumped at the opportunity to enroll in DOMA Studio’s Fall 2020 Yoga Teacher Training and her life was changed. Her intent was to expand her knowledge of yoga, and what she found was a deeper awareness and appreciation for her practice and self. With her love for giving back to the community, she was eager to share what she had learned about the practice with others, which is what drew her to eventually becoming a yoga instructor with DOMA Studio.

When taking a Vinyasa class with Lauren, you can expect some sweat-breaking, strength building slow flows. Lauren’s focus is to guide you in strengthening your mind, body, and spirit to confidently take on all of life’s obstacles.

When she isn’t doing yoga, Lauren enjoys traveling, napping, giving back to the community, and spending time with family, friends, and her standard poodle, Murphy.