Katlyn(Kata) Matic

Katlyn(Kata) Matic


Kata is our lead instructor and trainer, Ayurvedic practitioner, herbalist and owner here at DOMA. Her classes offer pace, lots of room for challenge and are packed with knowledge nuggets from her many years of study. She asks you to challenge yourself while listening to your body, allowing you to get to know yourself and your edges that much better. She believes that the challenge, patience and discipline of yoga are some of the most amazing parts of this practice, teaching us to persevere, to be resilient and to always try again!

Failing and falling out are human qualities, what makes us Yogis is that we get up and do it again!

She has had the privilege of being introduced to yoga at a young age and at 14 she took her first class. As the years went on yoga became much more than a “workout”. She used yoga as a healer physically and emotionally during life’s many highs and lows. Eventually this lead her to find out more about Yoga as a science and expand her knowledge. Kata studied Ayurveda for 4 years at the California College of Ayurveda found that there were many more layers to Yoga than she imagined, also many more layers to health in general. This lead to many more trainings in yoga, pilates and other modalities of healing as well. 

“Yoga has been my teacher, my healer and my rock. Not only yoga, fitness in general has been a key factor in the wellness of my whole life. With yoga as my foundation, my exploration of other modalities has always been seen through a filter of the principles of yoga and the effects of these practices on the physical and mental bodies… One of my favorite parts of any physical practice is the ability to give yourself the fire you need and the freedom you want; through focus, discipline and effort all spent on yourself; a self given gift.”