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Danielle Lynch

“Yoga has given me so much, and I love being able to share it with others. There is something so special that comes from talking to a student who attributes the practice of Yoga to their emotional, physical, and mental well-being. Practicing and teaching has taught me that I can trust myself and know how […]

Sam Carlson

Sam’s practice has benefited his life and filled his soul in so many amazing ways that he says it would feel impossible to not share it with each and every one of his students.

Keisha Nichols

Keisha’s drive for teaching comes with several reasons. Teaching is her desire to become a better student and enhance her own practice, and to promote an inclusive environment, where the community has the space to connect to self and others, to facilitate self love and exploration of the mind, body and essence. Her Yoga Practice […]

Chelsea DeSouza

Chelsea fell in love with Yoga more than five years ago and began her teaching journey in 2016 teaching the 26&2 method. She decided to deepen her practice and expand her understanding of Yoga in 2020 by taking DOMA Studio’s Yoga Teacher Training and became a certified Vinyasa instructor as well. Chelsea pushes you, encourages […]

Lauren Carpio Rice

Lauren first discovered yoga through a fitness elective course at Sac State. She spent the following years searching for a studio she could call home before finally taking a class with Kata at DOMA Studio in 2019. Yoga became her outlet not just for physical strength but also mental clarity. Lauren jumped at the opportunity […]

Sonia Randhawa

I’ve been practicing yoga for fun on and off from a young age, I formally started practicing Bikram Yoga at Funky Door Yoga when I moved to the Bay Area in 2012. I believe to live a healthy and balanced life it is important to take care of both our mind and body, Yoga has […]

Ashley Lokke

Hi! I’m Ashley Lokke.  My love for teaching lies in people potential and human connection. My desire to teach is also my desire to learn and having been in self-study and healing for years my deepest desire is to share my truth with the world in hopes that it connects others to their own.  I’ve […]

Francina Sanchez

Francina teaches our 26&2 and Vinyasa style classes, her calming countenance and sweet voice guides you through a peaceful practice. The many years on the mat give her an edge of compassion and understanding of the challenge and patience it takes to have a life long practice. Come let her humanity and awareness guide you […]

Tammé Oden

Tamme’ (pronounced Tam-may) Fell in love with Hot Yoga 9yrs. ago and Inferno Hot Pilates instantly. She tried lots of  other types of workouts but the intensity, camaraderie, and spirituality of yoga and IHP made her feel at home. Ultimately, she had to share the love and became an IHP instructor  in 2018 and a […]

Katlyn(Kata) Matic

Kata is our lead instructor and trainer, Ayurvedic practitioner, herbalist and owner here at DOMA. Her classes offer pace, lots of room for challenge and are packed with knowledge nuggets from her many years of study. She asks you to challenge yourself while listening to your body, allowing you to get to know yourself and […]